Monday, January 4, 2010


As we have informed our radio show listeners, this blog has been down since 3:08 AM CST on 12/24/2009.  On 12/23/2009, Mark Thoma, an economics professor at the University of Oregon, published a link to our Monetary Policy post at 11:02 PM PST on his blog the Economist's View.  Approximately, thirty minutes later he posted a link to the Monetary post on Twitter blog feed.  Within two hours, Google's Blogger shut this blog down, we are assuming, because we had many views from two links coming into one post with links within the post that triggered automated software.  When we received the notification, we immediately asked for the blog to be restored at approximately 10 AM on12/24.  There is no means of direct communication with Google's Blogger.  The form provides a button -- and only a button -- to send a request.  Then you wait.

Over a year ago, Yves Smith, a financial consultant, of naked capitalism had a similar experience.  She got her blog back up, after every reasonable business method for contacting anyone at Google was not successful, when an individual she knew who had a brother working at Google talked to his brother.  The experience caused her to set up her blog on a website totally under her control.

As we have indicated on the radio show, we have started the process to establish our own website for this blog.  As a business management and financial consultant who specializes in problem solving, I do not wait and get nothing done.

 In the meantime, we were able to submit the Monetary Policy post as an article and it was accepted at a national financial internet publication and published in the same issue as an article by the economist Nouriel Roubini.on 12/30/2009.  Two other posts were also accepted a published: "China's Spending Bubble" and "Double Dip Probability - Leverage, the US and China"

The blog is back up, because Felix Salmon, who is an economics blogger at Reuters, personally intervened and contacted an individual at Google's Blogger.  Amazingly, this blog was live within six (6) minutes of his communication.  I owe Felix Salmon a debt of gratitude I will probably never be able to repay.

While we have an independent website for this blog created, we will continue to post here.

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