Saturday, July 31, 2010

What Have I Been Doing

I have been very deficient in making posts and I wish to apologize.  It is my intent to always attempt to make regular and hopefully daily posts.  However, many of my posts require significant research and organization and then hours to actually write.  The "Leftovers" posts from the Radio Show take 2-3 hours minimum. 

Since April I have been heavily involved in research on the European Credit Crisis looking at not just the countries but the banks in the countries, the ECB, the EU, the eurozone, account imbalances within the eurozone, the monetary and fiscal structure of the eurozone, interbank lending, country and bank exposure to deficit countries encountering credit confidence problems, interbank lending, liquidity issues, and trying to identify trends and the reasons effective solutions were or were not emerging. 

The European Credit Crisis is now at a lull, but credit and liquidity issues remain and they present potentially global ramifications, particularly as China and India attempt to control inflation internally, China attempts to control its real estate bubble, and political internal pressures build within France, Germany, the UK, Greece, not to mention India, China (a major competitor with Germany for the export market), and other countries.  In the meantime, Russia has been exerting its energy muscle to build relationships within the EU and eurozone to benefit its own economic interests which could eventually put enormous pressure on NATO.

Professionally, I have had to get Quarterly investment management reports out and otherwise earn a living.

I have almost 20 articles outlined and/or researched and waiting for the hours to write them.  Although I have not been posting, I still spend significant hours during normal sleeping hours working and doing research.  One article on Germany and how its history is consistent with the current Credit Crisis has been ready to write for over three weeks and will undoubtedly be relatively long while still concise.  I have another I want to do as soon as possible on Spain and its importance in how the European Credit Crisis winds down or proceeds.  I have at least two more planned and researched on the Pan-European Credit Crisis.  I have another on The Great Moderation as the Great Enabler.  I have one planned on China and its currency.  I have another on rethinking macro policy; another on wages, aggregate demand, and unemployment.

I intend to post all Leftovers from the Radio Show even though I am a half box behind in getting it done, because I think it is important to see how the data and facts have evolved.  When I get commentaries on the market from various sources, I like to read them and then hold them for at least a month and then read them again.  It can be very insightful.

I intend to make it worthwhile to check this Blog on a regular and, hopefully, a daily basis.

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