Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Market & Economy: Hussman and Schiller

 John Hussman always publishes a weekly market and economy commentary on Monday.  In this commentary he is commenting on Fed policy, the current economy and state of U.S. financial institutions, market valuation in which he estimates the ten year S&P 500 total return is down to 5.1%, and changed his market climate to hard negative and he notes there seems to be less willingness to lend to corporations.  It is not a very pretty picture.  Read it here.
Robert Schiller, in an interview, discussed the economic malaise effecting investing and the general economy, cites current market volatility as unhealthy and possibly indicative of a potential equity downturn but definitely fragile.  He still finds equities expensive, that housing will remain under pressure, and tells why he likes TIPS. Watch it here.

These are two viewpoints.  Like all information, it should be read critically, which means that you do not have to agree with everything or every detail to gain value and knowledge.  Information is most valuable when it can be compared and evaluated through comparison and content for relevance.

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