Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Mark Thoma's Econometrics Lectures

Although educational study after study have found that students do not retain subject material, after presenting acceptable regurgitation qualifying as a passing mastering of the subject material as opposed to smaller discussion classes which require oral and written participation in which questioning is a fundamental element in the development of a critical thinking process, colleges and universities find lecture courses extremely cost effective.  You can see the result in the varying quality of professional expertise and competence.

Having said that, Mark Thoma has a series of videos of his whole econometrics course (19 lectures),
which show his love of teaching and a desire to communicate.  Here is the course from 2009 and the course from 2011.  Many people have found these to make the subject accessible.  I do not think you will find many differences from 2009 to 2011, but you can see for yourself.  Enjoy.  Then expand your reading and the questions you ask.

Here are the five economics books Mark Thoma considers important.

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