Friday, January 5, 2018

2018 Tax Facts and Dates

 Morningstar has published a very succinct listing of 2018 tax facts, as a result of the new tax law, and important tax dates in the link above. The Pursuit of Financial Happiness(TM) has always been about information.  Some people, when reading our articles, do not read or dismiss the embedded links which provide not only pro but
con information for the reader to evaluate.  When opinions are more valued than a critical analysis of competing views and information, the value of factual information is diminished.

I do not and will not publish information without citations.  If something is written by another succinctly I find nothing wrong in properly quoting and citing it rather than re-writing in my own words. 

Yet, there those who have criticized or dismissed a blog article, because the citations and succinct quotes were not completely my words and, therefore, I had nothing to say.  Because I am writing from research, it can take me hours to write a blog article as opposed to just ripping off an opinion piece or turning out an article without embedded links to complete papers and other documented information. 

I see no need to write something in my own words which has been succinctly put by another source, which I cite and/or quote.  The above Morningstar link is a good example.

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