Friday, August 10, 2018

Tariffs and Trade Wars

Markets do not like tariffs.  They react negatively and add to markets dislike of economic and political uncertainty.  Trade wars only intensify economic and political uncertainty.  The United States not only imports, it exports.  Both imports and exports result in jobs.  In a trade war, job losses

and higher prices are expected results.  International political tension and and domestic political pressures grow world wide.

The Peterson Institute for International Economics has an active long research topic containing many articles on economic protectionism, which study current  tariffs and trade war  economic impacts.  If you want to keep up on the issue of tariffs and trade war as it evolves, this is a valuable actively updated resource worth following, including an actively updated Trump's Trade War Timeline.

There are other good resources for information of tariffs such as the Council on Foreign Relations, Econbrowser (particularly for impact on agriculture), and Brookings.  These are only a few of the economic sources of information on tariffs.  There are many more to be found economic blogs such as Equitable Growth.

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