Saturday, August 11, 2018

When Government Serves Only Some People --- Video

In Illinois there are over 1400 (1429-1431 depending on who you ask) and 25 townships in Sangamon County which cost County residents $6,461,080 in 2017 property taxes which works out to $84.42 in administrative expenses for each $100 of services, which is not just grossly inefficient, it is obscene.  In fact the administrative expenses may be even higher because some expenditures,

including some salaries, are put in other fund categories such as payments to other governments.

These townships are often dominated by one party or the other, without websites, no published public notice of meetings, running under citizen radar until you get hit by a buzz saw or seek information.

To abolish townships in an Illinois County, you have to get 10% of the registered voters of each township to sign a petition within a 90 day period (any signatures more than 90 days old when petition is submitted are invalid) to have a binding referendum to abolish all townships in a county on the next county wide ballot.

Here is an example of how Illinois Township government can operate in a destructive fashion when it serves some people and not all people:

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