Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Links 8/16/2011: Eyes on Growth

These are links from last week through 8/13/2011.  A little hindsight never hurt objective analysis.

Hussman's market commentary beginning of last week.

Grantham last week on global economy, seven lean years, and investing in a corrupt world.

Kudlow Comedy Capers.

Facing reality

Investor flows and 2008 Oil prices.

Index funds and commodity prices.

Equity prices and growth scares.

Down stock market not S&P downgrade but lack of growth.

S&P decision irrelevant.  Bill Mitchell

David Levey on S&P downgrade as unwarranted.  Rajiv Sethi

Defining economic interests.

Limitations of ECB are its failures.

Market reaction and default. Paul Krugman

Eurobonds or bust.

Slithering to the wrong kind of union.

Stagnant and paralyzed.

Tax Expenditures are big government and should be cut (what the rich do not want to hear).

Target2 & ECB liquidity management.

An experiment in austerity. Bruce Bartlett

An alternative to austerity.  L. Randall Wray

Bank of England's substantial risks.

Deficits and defense spending.

The many ways to count Chinese debt.

Eurocrisis reaches the core.

We don't have a long term debt problem.  James Galbraith

It is a weak economy not a AAA credit rating downgrade.

Illinois budget does not address pension payment backlog.  Moody's

Still waiting for expansionary contraction in UK.

The crisis is unemployment not debt.

Income inequality is bad for rich people.  Yves Smith

The FED dissenters.

Failed monetary policy created this crisis.  Joseph Stiglitz video interview

The return of the Bear.  Steve Keen

Debunking demand and supply analysis.  Steve Keen

Fractious national leaders cannot lend stability to Europe.

Irish NAMA bad debt assets.

Freedom is not built on free market corruption.

Europe's rational idiocy.  Yanis Varoufakis

Why ECB must issue eurobonds for its own survival.  Yanis Varoufakis (I have long advocated need for eurobonds but I do not believe the ECB would be the proper issuer)

Chaos is dawning on dysfunctional governments.  Andy Xie

German taxpayers willingly subsidize bankers.  Michael Hudson

Germany must defend the euro.

Tea Party not factually correct; a conservative criticism. Simon Johnson

Shorting ban on euro banks and macroeconomic threats.

Will the Swiss franc be pegged to the euro?

Swiss franc exposes foreign currency denominated debt exposure of Hungarian banks.

Unofficial U.S. problem bank list at 988.

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