Thursday, August 4, 2011

Links 8/4/2011: Eyes on Growth

Recession risk in Germany (Edward Hugh)

Is France being sucked in?

Is deflation back?

Washington debt battle as diversion 

US economy on brink, no safety net

Societe Generale Bank income and Greek debt

Swiss franc depreciation

Hungarian local governments want delay in repaying Swiss franc debt
Swiss franc & Japanese yen

Japan selling yen

currency intervention & FED possible easing resumption

Bank of England holds rate on weak growth

Czech central bank holds interest rate with inflation up on higher sales taxes not demand

European banks liquidity funding stress

South Africa bails out Swaziland

Turkish currency to tumble

Turkey cuts interest rate to support growth

Turkish lira tumbles

Denmark trying to side step EU bank resolution laws

Spain 7% ten year bonds will be trigger

will Eurozone become transfer union?

In Ireland 1-in-4 have only part time job

ECB needs to support Spain and Italy now, what is taking them so long?

will buy bonds?

needs to intervene

eurozone banks hoarding cash

ECB pause rate increases and buy bonds?

only ECB can halt eurozone contagion

ECB buys Portuguese and Irish bonds in secondary market but not Spanish or Italian --- excuse me!

ECB extends liquidity measures to six months and -- gasp! -- expresses continuing concern about headline inflation (woops)

ECB action crucial in European liquidity crisis (Edward Harrison)

ECB/Trichet only hope for eurozone (but he is no Austin Powers)

 Spanish & Italian bonds worsen as Trichet fiddles

Spain sells 3 year bonds for high price

Markets unimpressed with ECB failure to act decisively

ECB's Trichet has no comment on not buying Spanish and Italian bonds -- will this power vacuum be filled?

Is Berlusconi worn out from partying? -- no debt concern

Europe's dominos

Italy bound to default?

Spain's high risk election (Edward Hugh) -- I am already on record as saying Zapatero made a huge mistake in calling for elections

US long term unemployment will depress wages (Menzie Chinn)

US incomes down 15.2% since 2007 through 2009

BNY Mellon bank to charge cash depositors

US economy on the edge (Tim Duy)

Soldering on in Ireland or we can climb any mountain

US bond yields down, Italian bond yields up: Context not good either way -- Somebody needs to do something (Paul Krugman)

If this market has you running scared, you were not properly diversified for your investment growth, preservation of assets, and cash needs investing time horizons.

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